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Introduction to Management Accounting (MA)

Purpose of the syllabus

The syllabus for Management Accounting (MA)/(FMA), introduces candidates to elements of management accounting which are used to make and support decisions. The syllabus starts by introducing the nature, the source and purpose of management information followed by the statistical techniques used to analyse data. To develop knowledge and understanding of management accounting techniques to support management in planning, controlling and monitoring performance in a variety of business contexts.

Then the syllabus addresses cost accounting and the costing techniques used in business which are essential for any management accountant. The syllabus then looks at the preparation and use of budgeting and standard costing and variance analysis as essential tools for planning and controlling business activities. The syllabus concludes with an introduction to measuring and monitoring the performance of an organisation.

The syllabus

The broad syllabus headings are;


The nature, source and purpose of management information


Data analysis and statistical techniques


Cost accounting techniques




Standard Costing


Performance Measurement

The Exam

Knowledge level exams are all computer-based exams. The Management Accounting is assessed by a two-hour exam. The pass mark is 50%. All questions in the exam are compulsory.

The exam format will comprise of two sections. Questions will assess all parts of the syllabus. The examination will consist of:



Number of marks

Section A – Thirty-five 2-mark questions


Section B – Three 10-mark questions


Time allowed

2 hours

Total marks

100 marks