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Answering Questions

  • Read each question carefully.
  • When you answer a question, your answer will automatically be saved.
  • You can revisit questions and change your answers at any time during the exam.
  • The only permitted characters for numerical answers are:
    • Numbers
    • One full stop as a decimal point if required
    • One minus symbol at the front of the figure if the answer is negative.

              For example: -10234.35

No other characters, including commas, are accepted.

Navigating between questions

  • Click Next Button to move to the next question.
  • Click Previous Button to move back to the previous question.
  • Click on a question number from the Exam Progress Details panel (see next page) to move directly to that question.
  • A message will be displayed when you click to move away from a question which has been partially attempted. You can choose to stay on the question and review your answer(s) or continue.
  • When reviewing your answer(s) for partially attempted questions ensure you read any message displayed in red text below the question in Section A or below the question
    part(s) in Section B

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1. Boss Co is a large listed company financed by both equity and debt.

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2. In relation to an irredeemable security paying a fixed rate of interest, which of the following statements is correct?

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3. A company has annual after-tax operating cash flows of $4m per year which are expected to continue in perpetuity. The company has a cost of equity of 10%, a before-tax cost of debt of 5% and an after-tax weighted average cost of capital of 8% per year. Corporation tax is 20%.

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