Answering Questions

  • Read each question carefully.
  • When you answer a question, your answer will automatically be saved.
  • You can revisit questions and change your answers at any time during the exam.
  • The only permitted characters for numerical answers are:
    • Numbers
    • One full stop as a decimal point if required
    • One minus symbol at the front of the figure if the answer is negative.

              For example: -10234.35

No other characters, including commas, are accepted.

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  • A message will be displayed when you click to move away from a question which has been partially attempted. You can choose to stay on the question and review your answer(s) or continue.
  • When reviewing your answer(s) for partially attempted questions ensure you read any message displayed in red text below the question in Section A or below the question
    part(s) in Section B

Widnor Co (6/15, amended)

The finance director of Widnor Co has been looking to improve the company's working capital management. Widnor Co has revenue from credit sales of $26,750,000 per year and, although its terms of trade require all credit customers to settle outstanding invoices within 40 days, on average customers have been taking longer. Approximately 1% of credit sales turn into bad debts which are not recovered.

Trade receivables currently stand at $4,458,000 and Widnor Co has a cost of short-term finance of 5% per year.

The finance director is considering a proposal from a factoring company, Nokfe Co, which was invited to tender to manage the sales ledger of Widnor Co on a with-recourse basis. Nokfe Co believes that it can use its expertise to reduce average trade receivables days to 35 days, while cutting bad debts by 70% and reducing administration costs by $50,000 per year. A condition of the factoring agreement is that the company would also advance Widnor Co 80% of the value of invoices raised at an interest rate of 7% per year. Nokfe Co would charge an annual fee of 0.75% of credit sales. Assume that there are 360 days in each year.


A. Advise whether the factor's offer is financially acceptable to Widnor Co
B. Briefly discuss how the creditworthiness of potential customers can be assessed.
C. Discuss how risks arising from granting credit to foreign customers can be managed and reduced

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